Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Who pays the bill?

You have to feel sorry for JM. He leaves the country for a week and the biggest news story of the century breaks. The poor chap will be desperate to blog his views (can blog be used transitively, I wonder?) It is therefore with some sense of trepidation that I offer my own comments at this momentous time in the hope that when The Great One returns He will look with satisfaction at the work done in His absence.

The Daily Mirror has calculated that the £50 billion bail out of our banking sector announced last night will cost every tax payer in this country £1,610. The Mirror, as you might expect, goes on to rant and rave in a really rather splendid way about "greed" and "grasping bankers". Unfortunately, their website seems more concerned about a former Mr Gay UK eating (literally) his dinner companion. Now, I'm sure that there is a clever metaphor hiding in there somewhere but it's early in the morning and I'm just not clever enough to see it.

(Mrs Haddock, a woman of infinite sagacity and perception, is rather concerned that there is a leitmotif beginning to appear in these posts. I shall keep my eyes peeled.)

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