Monday, 27 October 2008

JMP Top Tip

BAA: why not make going through security at Gatwick even more deeply unpleasant than it already is by instructing the over-excited teenagers you employ to shepherd travellers into the relevant queue to SHOUT CONSTANTLY about the need to separate out all liquids and gels, and to MOVE ALONG, even though they're standing only two feet away from the poor buggers in the said queues; and indeed, why not add insult to injury and embrace cruel irony by dressing them in bright yellow "Can I help you?" sweat-shirts?

Oh. You already have.


kg-b said...

I love that they also employ the time-honoured British tradition of shouting even louder at foreigners who clearly don't understand a word.

dNo said...

Hey! Some of the people i liked least at my old job now work at Gatwick doing exactly that.
So i cant help but laugh very loudly, and a little bit too long...