Thursday, 2 October 2008


to Italy for a week now (thanks for all the food tips). Know bog-all Italian; it's going to be weird to be somewhere where we don't even know the basics. Presumably it's a bit like Spanish? Middle class guilt will inevitably lead us to spend eight quid on an Italian for Dummies at Gatwick, which we will promptly lose on our return.

Someone has volunteered to post while I'm away, so do pop in now and again to see what they come up with. 

Good grief, just discovered you can't have an exclamation mark in a post label - freaks it out completely - how crap is that? Anyway, ciao, bellas (see? fluent already...)


kg-b said...

I did Italian for a year at school. Una bira per favore should see you through all situations.

Jonny Mac said...

Ah, excellente. And presumably 'due biras' if two are required?

Horrid Henry said...

Can't wait to read what your guest poster has to say. I've heard tell that he's absolutely delightful company, a veritable treasure trove of wicked anecdotes and sparkling observations.
Yum yum! as my darling mama so often says (usually at the most inappropriate moments - I'm so sorry, Digby, she didn't mean it THAT way)

Jonny Mac said...

I'm sure s/he won't let you down, henry, you horrid chap you.