Sunday, 12 October 2008

Armageddin outa here!

How about this as a thought to lighten the mood on International Where's all my f*cking money gone? Week...
"In the past forty years there have been few occasions when I have been more concerned about a specific conflict escalating to involve, economically, the whole world."
This is David Owen, dad of the injury-prone Newcastle striker, in the Sunday Times this morning. He believes that Israel is about to launch a strike against Iran's nuclear enrichment facility while they can still rely upon George W's support and before the facility goes critical in December (since after that an attack would result in a nuclear explosion).
If Israel does attack, Iran would immediately block the Strait of Hormuz. The Revolutionary Guard (an outfit made up of suicide soldiers, pilots and sailors) would attack Israel and the rest of the world if it tried to get in the way and, according to the grey-haired international statesman, Russia and China would be only too happy to supply it with the arms it needed.
As if the money markets needed a further excuse to go into the cellar and turn the lights off.
For God's sake Michael. Take your old man out for a pint - he obviously needs cheering up a bit.

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