Tuesday, 21 October 2008

No Respect

On Socialist Unity, a report of a Respect Meeting at Birmingham Central Mosque attended by, among others, Gorgeous George Galloway and Yvonne "Stockholm Syndrome" Ridley. The Socialist Unity write-up helpfully points out that Galloway said, in relation to Afghanistan, spoke movingly of "the people of Afghanistan who have a right to resist the occupation of the country". And who are those agent of resistance? The Taliban, of course: women-hating, gay-hating, aid-worker-killing clerical fascist bastards. What an utter, utter wanker the man is.

David T at Harry's Place gets upset by the fact that the seating was segregated, men at the front, women at the back, at the meeting. It's thoroughly objectionable, of course, but I'm not surprised: it was held in a mosque, after all. What is far more illuminating and entertaining to my mind is the knots the sinister little Respect cultural relativists and Islamists justifying the segregation in the comments on the SU piece tie themselves into when challenged on it by David T. All of a piece with the SWP's jettisoning of gay rights by Lindsay "shibboleth" German back in the day, before Galloway's Respect won the communalist battle for east London Muslim votes among the cynical far left.

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