Friday, 10 October 2008

Lingerie League enlivens American Football

What began as a Super Bowl half-time stunt - scantily-clad women playing American football - has proved so popular (among men, at least) it is getting its very own national "Lingerie League".

Billed as "true fantasy football", league will feature teams of women across the US playing American football in co-ordinated underwear, including garters, along with helmets and some token protective padding.

Members of America's existing professional women's football leagues are unlikely to be either worried or impressed by the newcomers, however, as sporting ability appears far less of a concern than looks when it comes to recruiting players.

The new league is a spin-off from the annual Lingerie Bowl, which was started five years ago as a racier alternative to the official Super Bowl half-time show.

Lingerie Bowl organisers said after the controversial Super Bowl half-time show in which Janet Jackson bared a breast, the official programme became "extraordinarily conservative with ageing rockers such as Tom Petty, Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones" that failed to wow fans or critics.

"Obviously first and foremost it's a visually driven brand, so you have to have the beauty," league spokesman Kyle Bolin told Florida's St Petersburg Times.
"But you have to be athletic. It's a whole different breed when you're asking models to play tackle. So you have to (have) a little bit upstairs."

He also denied the league was sexist. "This is not fluff. They take it very seriously. They're not out there worrying about fingernails being broken, but they're worried about their necks being broken."

From Telegraph online (I kid you not)

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