Sunday, 5 October 2008


JM would, I'm sure, be commenting if he were here on the loathsome plans of HM Govt. to increase the powers/resources of GCHQ to spy on our electronic communications. Before I have the obvious rant, however, I thought I would draw your attention to a strange time slip. It is reported in many places today that Sir David Pepper, as Head of GCHQ, is the supremo behind the sinister plans...and yet he retired in July and was replaced by Iain Belland . Can anyone explain this anomaly?

Now for the rant....Oh God, what's the point? The chat rooms and comment pages all over the web are unanimous in their abhorrence of such a preposterous idea. I even saw one post from the US expressing disbelief that we hadn't got out on the streets already. "What's wrong with you guys???" he spluttered. Quite right.

The other night I watched a re-run of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekend with the US nut-jobs, as my son so delicately put it, who live outside society on a snowy hill-top somewhere in the mid-west, refusing to pay taxes or insurance or licence their vehicles with the conviction that the "New World Order Goverment" is coming and will gain control over every aspect of our lives. The only answer, they reckoned, is to drop out completely. At the time I had a sneaking admiration for them and now, well, I'm thinking of asking to join up...

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