Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday challenge

Harry's Place indulges in some creative thinking and comes up with five reasons to be thankful that the hapless Dubya won (sorry, "won") in 2004. Some (it meant the Democrats avoided a hit on the economy, increasing their chances of being in for two straight terms) are more convincing than others (it gave Bush the chance to push the "surge" through in Iraq, in the face of opposition from both sides).

Can any of JMP's impeccably liberal readers come up with any more?

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PortSwigger said...

If Bush had lost, Kerry would now be standing for a second term. Running against such a mainstream figure as Kerry, McCain would not have felt the need to prove his "maverick" credentials in his choice of running mate. And the world would have been deprived of JM's daily observations about the lovely Ms Palin. Which would have been a crying shame.