Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Chris Morris: genius

So Chris Morris' comedy about suicide bombers, exploring 'the Dad's Army side of jihadist terrorism', which was rejected by the BBC and C4, is going to be made into a film by Film 4 with any luck. Brilliant news. I spent part of today watching Brass Eye again on DVD, and remain in awe of Morris - the celebrity interviews and appeals are much sharper, more absurd and more genuinely satirical than anything Sacha Baron-Cohen has done. And he is a fantastically funny writer: only Armando Iannuici at the moment has anything like his mix of absurdity and satire. Who can forget Wolf from Gladiators' emotional update on Carla, the elephant with its trunk stuck up its arse:

Urgent News. Carla has started to ingest her own head. Her dunkbump mechanism has blown. There’s bloody vegetable gas everywhere.”

Or indeed the studio guest who, it turned out, did not have 'good' Aids but 'bad' Aids:

"What if a mad man broke in here with a machine gun and shot you to pieces? Anyone here yawning would get your blood in their mouths. You shouldn’t have come in. You’ve got bad Aids.”

I do hope he's still got it. Hopefully we'll be able to see soon.

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