Monday, 29 September 2008

World upside-down

These are strange times. Really. Consider the evidence:

Bush's Republicans have embraced 'economic socialism'; the (struggling) bail-out is, some have argued, more extreme than anything proposed by previous Socialist Party candidates for President such as Eugene Debs. 

In the UK, the Prime Minister's ratings have risen on the back of financial crisis and meltdown: the same is considered good news for Brown.

The Conservatives, party of the great car economy, are looking genuinely green, however Labour try to spin it, with the pledge to scrap a third runway at LHR and build TGV-style rail links to northern cities.

It hit 27 degrees C on Baffin Island in the Arctic earlier this year. How many times did it reach that in London?

Sarah Palin is a vice-Presidential candidate who is no more qualified for the job than one of my farts - Christ, even National Review writers have started telling her that she is 'clearly out of her league' - apart from the fact that she is a woman which people think is is A Good Thing. Except feminists.   

And, perhaps weirdest of the lot, we really did do Pretty Well in the Olympics.



Daf said...

I had quite a major drinking binge earlier this month, and I don't think I can pay the rent tomorrow. Do you think Hank Paulson would be able to bail me out? Maybe agree to swap my empties for some more "liquid" assets?

dNo said...

You have turned Tory.
You indefensible pond dwelling life sucking arse-scum.
Did that walk down Oxford Street mean nothing to you.
I'm thinking of standing for the Monster Raving Loony party in Horsham. If they can succeed anywhere it must be there...