Saturday, 27 September 2008

In case you missed it

Via Mrs Dale, Ladbrokes now have Harriet Harman rather than David Miliband as favourite to take over from GB. Conference was that bad for the man-boy. Odds in full:

3/1 Harriet Harman
7/2 David Miliband
5/1 Jack Straw
8/1 Jon Cruddas
8/1 Alan Johnson
12/1 James Purnell
12/1 John Denham
16/1 Alan Milburn
16/1 Ed Balls
16/1 John Reid
20/1 Andy Burnham
20/1 Ed Miliband
25/1 Caroline Flint
25/1 John Hutton
25/1 Yvette Cooper


dNo said...

If its at least 30-1 "anyone else" that must be worth a punt... would not want any of the above named in charge of the village fete...
Oh lord, whither democracy now? Lets find a benevolent dictator. Or why not run the entire country via Dragons Den - doctors can beg the panel for money to operate on little girls with bandaged heads; villagers can put their case for a bus to town; bankers can ask for money to speculate on oil....
Is it any worse than where we are?

Jonny Mac said...

"Oh lord, whither democracy now" - surely the title for a post on your blog, dno?