Thursday, 18 September 2008

Northern Soul

Enough of Sarah Palin, who heard my favourite pitbull without lipstick on the Today programme this morning?  I note that JM did and has already shared his views in his typically mild mannered and considered style with the blogosphere.

I have had a soft spot for JP since his "I'm scared of Tony and so are the Tories" line at the end of the 1994 election.  I'm taken in by his plain speaking northerner persona, so a pleasure to have him back on the airwaves I say.  Much better to hear him over brekker than standard Labourspeak; 'let me be clear' 'robust' 'choice' etc.  So what if there was a bit of confusion over the name of the bank which was near collapse, who can keep up with bank collapses these days?

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