Sunday, 21 September 2008

Labour and the polls and Andy "ffs" Burnham

Can they go any lower than polling results giving a Tory majority of 146? Or is it the case that the only way really is up?

Latest received wisdom seems to be that global financial apocalypse is actually good news for Gordon Brown and that he seems more relaxed because of it. You know things are bad when what we've seen in the markets this week counts as a welcome political boost.

Latest putative challenger to the Crown appears to be the featherlight Andy Burnham, who, when he was on Newsnight about a year ago, I had to switch off out of pure embarrassment, such was his inability to string a sentence together. Here's his faux-naive response in the Sunday Times to the question - which would be arrant madness in more normal times -whether he would be interested in the top job:

Aaahhh, I’ve gone all hesitant. How do I answer that? . . . Who knows what the future holds? This may sound all corny but I have already gone way beyond what I thought I would ever achieve in politics . . . whatever I can contribute to the Labour party I will carry on doing.”

Pass the Capita sick bag. 

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