Sunday, 14 September 2008

Didn't see that coming

Blimey. David Shayler, who breached the OSA and sold out MI5 to the Mail not out of ideological or political conviction but because he wanted to publicise some bureaucratic weaknesses within the Service, has "done an Icke" - to use the technical psychiatric term - and thinks he's the son of God.

I enjoyed this on his website:

"This is all rather embarrassing for someone who was an atheist technocrat three years ago. And I am painfully aware how mad all this sounds.

There is however ancient evidence to show that the Messiah is phonetically called ‘David Shayler’. When added to recent signs which have appeared independently of me – including a Messianic Cross of Saturn, Mercury, Venus and the Sun in the skies on 7/7/7, the day I was proclaimed Messiah -- it has become inescapable that a higher power is indicating that I am the anointed or chosen one who has come to save humanity."

Embarrassing's one word for it. Still, I was rather charmed by the headline on his website: "I'm Brian and so is my wife". (Interesting how the correct line from Life of Brian - "I'm Brian, and so's my wife"- flows so much better.)

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