Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ah, the Daily Mail

I've always thought that the Mail is brilliant in purely journalistic terms. I admire the naked cynicism of those 'As..question' headlines which allow the recycling of baseless gossip and to which the answer is always, when you read the article, no. "As troubled Robbie Williams prepares for his first live concert in two years, his worried friends are asking the question...Is Robbie addicted to Toilet Duck?" No, of course he bloody isn't.

And now, a classic come-on from the website, with just the right mix of absurdity and priggish moralising:

Ed Balls makes great play of the fact that his Oxford contemporaries David Cameron and Boris Johnson were members of the Bullingdon Club, notorious for its rowdy drunken behaviour. But coming from a man who was pictured in a German officer's uniform staring at the crotch of a fellow student wearing comedy plastic buttocks, his words have a somewhat hollow ring.

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