Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Eating in Venice and Rome

Going next week. Any types for good restaurants there?


Tuscan Tony said...

Depends on your budget, but the Locanda Cipriani in Torcello is off the beaten track and supoib.


My fave experience of a fish restaurant in Rome is near Piazza Mincio; check google and if this is near you let me know and I'll get the nae from my client there.

Jonny Mac said...

Thanks Mr Tony, will do.

C. Frantz said...

Legend has it that the pizza was invented at Pizza Re in Rome.

Anonymous said...

How dare you swan off to bloody Venice in the middle of the worst financial crisis since.. since.. since.. splutter. I suggest a soggy pizza slice from Fish-fingers Frederico up the Piazza San Mario just off Bacino Orseolo, you selfish Scottish person.

Horrid Henry said...

I had a superb meal in a delightful little place in the Calle Gragolina just next to Rio Tera de le Colonne the last time I was in Venice with my darling mama.
Enjoy yourself and don't listen to anonymous - we can cope whilst you're gone, Jonny.