Tuesday, 23 September 2008


So Gordon Brown will continue to push the theme of 'fairness' in his speech today. 'Fairness' is dominating the airwaves today.

I just wanted to say that 'fairness' is such a quintessential Brown/Labour term. It sounds ok - who's going to stand up and say they're against fairness, that they're pro-unfair? - but it means bugger all when you try to analyse it. There's a hint of left red meat, something bit chunkier than Blair-era Labour, but still nothing substantive. When you pick it up it falls apart. It's a blank canvas on which both the BNP and the SWP could paint their colours.


Anonymous said...

What? Surely the most gobsmacking, gut-wrenching news of the day/week/month is on the Independent front page. Methane pouring into the atmoshere at the poles confirmed by scientists... at twenty times the global warming effects of CO2 this is IT. IT has started and we're all f**cked.
And you're concerned about (New)Labour's (off) message?! I had you down as a eco dude, Jon. GET REAL and spread the word.

2012Disaster said...

Pretty scary news. Hollywood disaster movie. Good ol' Indie.
Just a pity Jonny hasn't gone with the zeitgeist...