Sunday, 18 January 2009

Thatcher forgotten at BBC

Much food for BBC conspiracy theorists on worthy-ish children's radio 4 programme Go For It! (pause to shudder at exclamation mark) this evening. 

Not only is the whole thing a love letter to Barack Obama - who, I have learnt, is a Good Thing because he is Black - but we have also had a child ask an Expert "Do you think we will ever have a woman prime minister or black prime minister in Britain?", to receive an answer that managed not refer to the fact that, er, we have already had a woman prime minister.

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polly peachum said...

Perhaps the BBC experts are so young and trendy that they gained all their knowledge of 80's politics from watching DVDs of Spitting Image.

Incidentally, you missed the truly nauseating fact that the programme is actually listed as 'Go4it'.