Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Supervolcano eruption imminent?

And now, in news that puts our other concerns in some context, I have to report that blogger Captain Haddock considers that the evidence is mounting that the supervolcano [TM BBC docu-dram department- more properly a 'volcanic caldera', natch] at Yellowstone in the US may be about to erupt. There have, the good captain reports, been 500 tremors there this past week.

If it were to erupt, it could be, well, tricky. A chap from the Open University, Stephen Self, cheerily reports that it "could result in the devastation of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies, and mass starvation. These effects could be sufficiently severe to threaten the fabric of civilization." Ooh-er. On the other hand, the National Park's site is still saying that "There is no evidence that a catastrophic eruption at Yellowstone National Park (YNP) is imminent."

Fingers crossed, eh?

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Anonymous said...

On the plus side, this decades-long winter thing will put paid to the global warming doomsayers.