Saturday, 10 January 2009

New Winnie the Pooh stories

Exclusive: blog post commentary by Eeyore about the forthcoming publication of new Pooh stories.

"In which Tigger has some surprising news.

Tigger has told me the news. He told me yesterday, while I was trying to have a quiet bit of breakfast. In he bounced, without a by your leave. Bounce bounce bounce. Extraordinary way to get about. Exhausting just to watch him.

I could tell before he said anything that he had something Very Important to tell me.

"You'll never guess, Eeyore, you'll never guess in a million years!"

Bit silly. If I'd never guess, why didn't he just tell me?

"No, probably not", I said. "Never was much good at guessing." I paused. "Don't know. Just lacked a certain - somethingness, I suppose."

Tigger did some more bouncing, even faster than before. "There are going to be more stories about us!"

Now, I was expecting some nonsense about Piglet's latest Facebook status update (save me) or some such thing. I wasn't expecting this. 

"What do you think? What do you think?"

I ushered him out, after telling him I'd meet him later at Pooh's house for tea. He's a decent sort, but a little goes a long way, if you know what I mean, and I wanted a bit of time on my own - I know, gloomy old Eeyore - to absorb the news.

What did I think? Well, the drawings will never be up to old Shepherd's standard, that's a given. Genius, that chap, and if I'm honest, I think those drawings were a large part of why so many people seemed to like the stories. And the new stories will be - well, they'll be different, won't they. And yes, quite likely they won't be as fresh or as funny. How could they be? But, you know, while no doubt Kanga will be starting some petition against it all, and Owl will be making clever comments, old Eeyore says - let's see. Give the chap a chance. Who knows - it could work out quite well. I've never been one to put a dampner on things, after all."

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