Saturday, 17 January 2009

Teen sexting (born out of time)

I realise that it's a tough time to be a teenager and going to school today. Gangs...bullying...lots of nastiness.


I can't help be a bit jealous when I read of what seems to be a full-blown epidemic of teenage girls sending sexy photos of themselves to their male schoolmates. I mean, when I were a lad, you had to screw up the courage to buy a copy of Razzle with your mates after a day full of maths and double physics, and then go home to watch George and Mildred* and the nine o'clock news with your parents in front of the one TV in the house before going to bed. Nowadays, it seems, you're getting pictures of sexy Mandy in your English class sent to your phone before you've even got on the bus. Then, after a hard day of sociology and sex-education, it's back home to surf filth on the computer in your room, until you fall asleep with your head on your keyboard and your short trousers round your ankles.

The world's smallest violin is playing here for you, lads. 

* kudos to the chap (inevitably a chap) who spent an evening of his valuable time writing the Wikipedia entry for George and Mildred.


polly peachum said...

Beware, JM, this is the sort of thinking that led to Wendy Brown's incarceration in a psychiatric unit (see my post 14/1/09).

If you are tempted to regret your lost youth, why not watch the odd episode of 'Skins' to remind yourself just how bloody awful adolescence actually is?

dNo said...

ok, the curious attraction of Razzle i will confess to, but George and Mildred??????

Fiat Coupe said...

Why pick the name "Mandy" ? Just curious