Friday, 2 January 2009

Galloway the thug

At today's press conference of hand-wringing 'slebs and politicos past their sell date called to 'demand' a cease-fire in Gaza, Gorgeous George declared:

"We will be very, very lucky if the explosions taking place in Gaza today don't blow up in our own face at some time in the future."

Am I paranoid in seeing that as a thinly-veiled threat made on behalf of his constituency of radicalised British Muslims?

Incidentally, the latest Respect leaflet on the matter, which includes a little homily from George, describes Hamas' actions (or 'resistance', natch) in firing rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians as 'entirely legitimate'. Just to run that past you again: a British MP considers that firing rockets targeted at Israeli civilians, with the aim of killing as many of them as possible, is 'entirely legitimate'. And that MP is considered to be 'left-wing'. Remind me, how did the British left get to this point?

Update: JMP's erudite readers will no doubt already be aware that Hamas' actions are not 'legitimate' under international law. Presumably, then, Respect believe that trying to kill Israeli civilians by rocket strikes is 'legitimate' according to some higher law. Perhaps they had in mind the Qu'ran's exhortations to kill Jews wherever they can be found?

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dNo said...

The whole thing should not be happening, no one is right or wrong, but i do wish there was more reporting on the siege conditions in Gaza - power and water that is turned on and off randomly, restricted movement etc... And where is Blair???