Saturday, 3 January 2009

Mandelson scandal, and other predictions...

At this time of year, as bloggers all round the world sitting at home nursing hangovers, it is traditional to make predictions about what will happen during the next twelve months. So without further ado, here are JMP's for the world in 2009:

1. Obama will (continue to) disappoint the left both here and in the US; he will have been called a 'neo-con' and 'as bad as Bush' in the Guardian letters pages by the end of March.
2. There will be a significant Al-Qaeda attack on a target or multiple targets in Western Europe and/or the US.
3. There will not be an election in the UK.
4. There will be the biggest outbreaks of unrest seen in China for a generation, as economic growth stalls, environmental degradation gets worse and calls for democracy start up again.
5. David Davis will be back in the Shadow Cabinet by the end of the year.
6. Nick Clegg will continue to disappoint and to be largely invisible; murmurings about his leadership getting louder throughout the year.
7. Yet another scandal will emerge about Mandelson, but he will not resign.
8. Brown's Government will support ever more aggressive EU attempts to censor the internet.
9. The BNP will enjoy its biggest electoral success ever in a by election.
10. Mandelson will enter, and win, a new series of Strictly Come Dancing. 

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