Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I believe in Ameri - blimey, who cut the cheese?

-"Don Corleone, have you blown off?"

Loving the story of the "Mafia Scarlet Pimpernel" Giuseppe Setola who, while his wife kept the police at the front door talking, escaped by going down a trapdoor from his bedroom into a tunnel that led into directly into the sewers beneath Caserta, near Naples. He travelled a mile through the sewers, wearing a miner's helmet with lamp, emerging from a manhole to hijack a car. The car was later found abandoned. Setola remains on the run.

And what was the "well thumbed book" found in his abandoned bedroom, left there as he did his bunk? "Arise, Let Us Go", by John Paul II. Top advice from the late pontiff there.

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