Thursday, 18 December 2008

An outrage in a world of outrages

I refer, of course, to 'Gentleman' Ed Stourton's sacking from the Today programme, for no apparent reason, and in a deeply unprofessional way.

You're wondering, of course, how to express your quivering indignation. The young people tell me that there is a Facebook petition, which FB cognoscenti may sign. For the more mature blog reader, we have the Telegraph's online petition here.

I tell you, if Greece-style protests spread to our shores, it will be over this. The Today editor does not know what righteous fury he has unleashed.


kg-b said...

They should have got rid of Humphrys instead.

Jonny Mac said...

Crazy talk, kg-b, crazy talk. If I want to hear a Minister skewered on the radio in the morning, as I often do, Humphreys will perform. I think they ought to sack Montague and bring Brain Redhead back from the dead.