Thursday, 11 December 2008

December's 'ouch that's gotta hurt's

In what I am tempted to make a JMP regular feature, first up in this month's bizarre accidents we have Liu Cheong: Chinese schoolboy, archer, and dedicated King Harold impersonator. Shot through the eye by mistake by a classmate, the arrow went all the way through to the back of his skull, but somehow missed his brain.

Ouch. Apparently the girl who shot him had to be treated for shock. I bet she did.

And I have also enjoyed the story from Vienna of the actor whose character commits suicide in a play by cutting his throat...only on Saturday night the prop knife somehow got swapped for a real one.

He didn't kill himself, but did cut his throat on stage, and, in mum-speak, did himself a bit of a mischief. Apparently, there is now talk of foul play, and of a brilliantly Agatha Christie-esque murder attempt. In fact, I'd be amazed if this entertaining method of murder hasn't already featured in a Poirot...

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polly peachum said...

The plot device is more Ngaio Marsh than Agatha Christie - in fact her last novel, 'Light Thickens', involves a murder during a theatrical performance.