Sunday, 28 December 2008

Andy Burnham is a wanker

"I haven't started shaving yet, but already I have a really cool job with the, like, Government, okay. No, achtly, it's way book, seriously." - Andy Burnham, just before he broke into tears when a journalist wouldn't give back his new Nintendo DS, even though Andy said he could borrow it 'for just one go, all right'.

When asked in a recent interview with the Telegraph whether Government age ratings for internet sites could be introduced, 'Andy' Burnham, Culture Secretary and girly-looking schoolboy, replied:

Yes, that would be an option. This is an area that is really now coming into full focus.”
The current estimate of the number of new blogs started each day is 120,000. Gosh, the civil servant who's in charge of sticking a government age rating on each one is going to be jolly busy! Thank God HMG's record with IT and data projects is so bloomin' good, and that this government has no authoritarian instincts that would risk it abusing this power.


dNo said...

Isnt he the one who spread the rumours about David Davis and Shami Chakrabartfast?

Jonny Mac said...


We all agree,
Andy Burnham's a wanker

Sid said...

It needs to ba said again.

Andy Burnham is a wanker.

Anonymous said...

I'm slow on this. Having just listened to the tit on PM, I concur - Andy Burnham is a wanker