Saturday, 20 December 2008

Finbarr Saunders Corner

In further proof that this blog is a different beast from Normblog or the London Review of Books, we introduce an occasional immature, double-entendre filled and generally disreputable zone of JMP, unpopular with sensible girls and teachers: Finbarr Saunders Corner. Quotes are wholly innocent and come only from utterly un-risque sources.

The champagne breaking over the bow of FS Corner takes the form of the Blessed Delia discussing Brussels sprouts, in her essential "Delia Smith's Christmas" =

" any event they should be tight and firm and not too large."

Altogether now: fnarr fnarr!


Croydonian said...

I think you might enjoy this Nigella video mash up, which is not even *remotely* safe for work or maiden aunts:

WV - pronatch. Yes, really.

Jonny Mac said...

V good!