Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve addition: My mother tells me that she and my father were sitting quietly the other day in their livingroom, when George the cat walked in. 'George must be getting old', said she to my pa, 'he hasn't attacked the Christmas tree once this year'. George stopped in his tracks, stared at her, and then calmly strode over to the tree and knocked off a bauble.

If you're spending Christmas with a relative's cat, keep your wits about you, that's all I'll say.


Hans Coquehandleur said...

Merry Christmas indeed, sir.

I'm interrupting my usual festive sojourn to Brighton to bring you a concept cocktail of my recent creation, named “The Madoff Millions”.

Take a Martini glass (representing a pyramid that’s gone belly up). Dampen the rim and lightly coat in vanilla sugar. Place a large pinch of salt into the bottom of the glass, followed by a crushed gooseberry, and covered with a measure of Fernet Branca. Top up carefully with chilled Champagne (I find the Krug 1990 is excellent), ensuring that the two liquids do not fully mix.

The result is a deliciously appetising sweet and dry start, a heady dose of bubbles, followed abruptly by a foul and bitter ending which makes you regret the whole thing.

A Happy New Year to all!

Jonny Mac said...

Thank you Hans. I do hope you had a lovely quiet time with your mother in Brighton over the festive period.