Monday, 1 June 2009

The victims come into the light

This is one of the little blokes and blokettes that Margot the cat is slaughtering on a one or two a day basis. Can anybody tell what it is? I don't think it's a mouse because of the pointy nose.

I found four of these - dead - under our freezer last week after a 'hmm, what is that smell' moment. 

Two under the car yesterday.

She's a murderous bitch, she really is.  


Mr. Divine said...

It could be an albino hippopotamus but seeing as you found it under the fridge this is unlikely... not their normal habitat.

Our house is surrounded by fields in Australia. We get mice infestations and we'll get 40/50 caught in the traps in a month. I feed them to the chooks rather than force them to pose nude on the internet.

Mr. Divine said...

Oh yeea mice can have pointy noses and i think moles are black. But I aint no expert .. take it to that animal zoo that you frequent.. y'know the one with the pigs.

Macheath said...

The pointy nose gives it away; what you have there, my boy, is a Clanger.

Alternatively it is probably a shrew - if she brings in a live one, watch out; they're fiercer than a velociraptor with piles and never let go.

Jonny Mac said...

40/50 a month in traps eh Mr D? That's about the rate Margot's working to at the moment, and she ain't got no trap.

And a shrew McH? Tssk. They sound sweet. Why can't she catch elderly house mice?