Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Galloway on events in Iran

In the Daily Record on 15 June.

"Highlights" (though do read the whole thing):

You can count on the fact election was fair

I present two weekly shows for Iranian-owned Press TV.

This massive exercise took place without trouble of any kind [...]

The counting, too, was awesome.

[the disturbances] will soon fizzle out.

There's no other word for it. Galloway, who is still shilling for the Iranian regime even as it mounts a fascist coup against its own people, is scum.

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dNo said...

Not on Galloway's side, but as i blogged the other day, just because the bastards we dont like won, doesnt necessarily mean they cheated. When the Tories won 50+ seats in Horsham council this year no one called it a fix - even though no one i have found has admitted to voting Tory.
And how does a ruling party arrange a coup - isnt that what the opposition do?