Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Blunkett, Shipman, and why he should never be allowed back

Amidst all the vastly entertaining political fun and games, there is the question of who - assuming Brown can cling on to the premiership for the next few weeks - he will make Home Secretary.

There has been much talk of him moving Darling there, of course, but it is now being suggested that the Boring Badger has said he would refuse to take the post - which would be a further huge blow to Brown if true. But there has also been gossip in the last week or so that Brown could 'pull a Mandy' and invite Blunkett back to his old job. Makes sense in one way - Blunkett is one of the few well-known politicians whose ego and desire to be in the limelight again could lead him to slurp deeply from a very poisoned chalice.

But for me, he should never, ever be allowed to hold office again after his disgraceful comment on the suicide of Harold Shipman when he was Home Secretary, and so responsible both for Shipman's welfare and delivering justice to the families of his victims:

'You wake up and you receive a phone call - Shipman's topped himself. You have just got to think for a minute: is it too early to open a bottle?'

Prisoner suicide has long been a massive problem. Joking about it when you're Home Secretary: I don't care how despicable Shipman's crimes were, that's absolutely grotesque.

Update: yup, DB's definitely on manoeuvres: from the BBC site today -

1255 The latest Labour "big beast" to take to the airwaves to defend the prime minister is David Blunkett. He says the government reshuffle will "re-energise" the government. He warns Westminster against getting "out of touch" with people's real concerns. Asked about a return to government he says he is not seeking a return to cabinet but says he wants to help Gordon Brown however he can.


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In the name of all that is good, noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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You're right about Blunkett. Very ugly comment.