Friday, 5 June 2009

Brown leadership crisis: latest

A letter signed by every backbench Labour MP headed 'Oh for God's sake, Gordon, can you not take a hint?' is published; a mob of over a million people is descending on Downing Street wielding pitchforks and burning torches, chanting 'Burn him! Burn him!'; and James Purnell has just described the Prime Minister on Today as 'an utter, blethering cretinous twat, with the social skills of a whelk and the political nous of an amoeba'. Hazel Blears called him 'a spakker' on Newsnight last night. 

Meanwhile, sources near to the Prime Minister have said that he is 'disappointed, but focussed on getting on with the job', and David Miliband's bottom lip has started wobbling dangerously.

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Ace Starburst said...

But a good day for Andy Burnham, no ?