Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Young Gun Ronaldo Goes For It

Over the years your humble blogger has heard several stories about the sexual proclivities of Cristiano Ronaldo, his snouts suggesting that the young Mr R is an enthusiastic batter for both sides. I have, naturally, never taken such allegations seriously. No, really I haven't. But when he dresses up like this -

- you really do have to pause and scratch your chin for a short while.

Here's another shot of Mr R, in just those little white shorts.

And now - on a completely unrelated topic - here's a small picture of George Michael, with little Andrew Ridgley.

Ho hum.


Captain Haddock said...

Snap out of it, JM.
He's h..h..hot (ouch!)and you're just jealous you can't fit into your little white speedos any more (unlike the Captain who intends to wear a particularly snug pair of lilac plumb smugglers in Crete this summer)

dNo said...

Not as gay as walking down Oxford Street wearing a dress on a sunny Saturday summer afternoon...

Jonny Mac said...

Dunno watcha talking 'bout, wookie-boy.

Jonny Mac said...

Oh - and 'plumb smugglers'? Please, this is a family blog. You dirty old sod.

Mr. Divine said...

I keep returning to those white shorts/undies see thru style fantasizing about what lies underneath. Surely not at my age after hundreds of thousands of dames (well a few) I want to glimpse the penis of a well-known celeb.

What's going on? Is it a gay trap by Johnny Mac to convert the world's straightest man?

It could be the drugs I'm on. I'll mention it to my psychiarist the next time I see her.