Thursday, 28 May 2009

Have I missed anything?

Sorry for the lack of blogging this month. Lots of things conspired against it, including an unusually busy time at work and, more to the point, a sense that I couldn't really be arsed to blog for a few weeks. Back now with much to say, including updating you on the infamous 'voles under the freezer' saga. Watch this space.

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dNo said...

Thats what we've missed... Arch enemy the Speaker resigns, a dozen MPs step down, the Tories become the working class party, North Korea declare war on China, the football season sorts itself out, they find the missing link, GM goes bust... and JM finally breaks his silence to reveal there are moles under his freezer. And they say Guernsey and Gibraltar are in a different century...
God bless you JM, and welcome home.