Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Rock; and can rabbits be suicidal?

Sorry about the lack of posting over the last few days. Radio silence will continue into next week, as JM has been consigned to Gibraltar on a work related matter.

If anybody wants to tell me anything about Gib, I'd be grateful. Sounds all apes, red phone boxes, fish and chips and pensioners to me, and I can get all that in Monkeyworld, so I do wonder what the point is. 

Incidentally, I've just had to shoo a rabbit away that was nibbling on some grass right under the gals' catflap, while they were eating their dinner right next to it. This was either a genuinely suicidal lapin, or a teenaged rabbit fulfilling some particularly foolhardy bet. Worrying either way.


Macheath said...

It's a well-known fact that rabbits have a death wish - see Watership Down for further details.

Hence the fact that rural roads at this time of year are virtually paved with rabbit schnitzel - see Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall for further details.

Bon voyage, JM!

dNo said...

The drive has been called Suicide Alley since we moved in... they sit at the side in the field, and wait until you are just yards away before flinging themselves between the wheels. Definitely the leporid (look it up, and dont be lazy and just use the French word next time :) ) version of Alton Towers.
And if you are down at MonkeyWorld say hello to Bryan for me!

Macheath said...