Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Putin and Bjorn Again: file under Weird

The opening line of this Breitbart report - the more I re-read it, the more I think it may be my favourite opening line ever of a news report - tells you all you need to know, really:

'Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's office moved on Friday to quash claims he attended a mystery concert featuring ABBA lookalikes singing to him from behind a veil at a military-style compound.'

But despite his denials it seems pretty clear that he was there:

'"It was quite obvious where Mr Putin was sitting," Aileen McLaughlin, who doubles for blonde ABBA vocalist Agnetha Faltskog, told AFP by phone from London. "I got a glimpse of his face in the lights." [The group's manager], also speaking by phone from London, said the band had been told beforehand that the show was for Putin.'

Marvellous. The bloke in charge of the world's second biggest nuclear arsenal would appear to be not only significantly sinister, in that ex-KGB kind of way, but also something of a nutter.

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