Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Naked Chef 2 "leak"

Your humble blogger has, like many others I suspect, been forwarded a document purporting to be an accidentally leaked copy of the text of Jamie Oliver's new cook book.

"It seems that someone at Jamie Oliver's publishing company sent a word document version of his 2nd book to one of their mates this morning. Unfortunately for the poor sap that sent the word document, it is now flying around the web at a rate of knots. So print what you like AND please spare a thought for the poor bugger that originally sent it, while enjoying the food you make from the recipes!!!."

Hmm. I smell a Radiohead-stylee viral marketing ploy. If this has any measurable effect on sales, I bet it's upwards.

Update: googling suggests it's a (quite longstanding) hoax. Quite why someone would go to the bother of it all isn't clear.

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