Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Katie Holmes' hairy secrets; &c

Blimey. You go away for a few days and the country grinds to a halt after suffering multiple Extreme Weather Events (aka some snow). I'm rather with the nice headmaster on PM on Radio 4 last night, who said he was fed up with people quacking on about the amount of money lost in productivity from staying home without factoring in the fun of buggering about in snow.

In other news, Hans is naturally tense that I wasn't able to post the latest Cocktail Hour on Sunday on his behalf. I've told him that we'll just have to catch up next week. It's not as though he was around much, anyway, having taken a last minute flight to Dusseldorf for a rare and much-sought appointment with Katie Holmes' waxer. (The worst job in showbiz, Hans gossips: apparently, the mind boggles at what the poor chap has to endure.)

Anyway, while your humble blogger unpacks and generally sorts himself out, I leave you with JMP's quote for the day, from Channel 4 on the reality TV show 'Boys and Girls Alone' where a pack of children are left to their own devices for two weeks, with predictable results:

'It is a bit Lord Of The Flies, but there is no murdering.'

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