Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nuke it!

Brilliant. A design firm in Sydney, Carlos Labs, has done a mash-up of Google Earth that shows you the effect of nuclear bombs, of different sizes, being dropped on - well, wherever you want.

Above is Edinburgh hit by a bomb the size of Little Boy: the concentric circles represent conflagration, and first, second and third degree burns.

In a further stroke of genius, you also have the option of replicating your chosen target being hit by an asteroid.

Bye bye Basildon.

BLDGBlog has more.


polly peachum said...

Thanks JM! You made my day!
Go Asteroids!

BLJ said...

Marvellous. It reminds me of the CND crackers we had one Christmas in which the Eskimo-based jokes were replaced with sobering analysis of the casualty rate resulting from a nuclear strike on a major British city. (It is indeed grim up north.)