Sunday, 24 August 2008

Quote of the day

"Were I to be called, like Cincinnatus from my plough, obviously it would be a huge privilege to serve. But you may have a long time to wait. I am on record as saying that I am more likely to be reincarnated as a hobbit - or locked in a disused fridge." - Boris Johnson

How many MP's know who Cincinnatus was, let alone would mention him in a public comment? And I love the "locked in a disused fridge" image. No doubt this is the type of thing that makes the blood of the Zoe Williamses of this world boil. Well, frankly they can fuck off. Boris adds something unique and life-enhancing to the political life of this country. It's a bit like having Stephen Fry as PUS at the Department of Transport.

PS That god-awful ZW hitpiece has my vote as worst bit of journalism of the past twelve months.  

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kg-b said...

almost as annoying was ZW's reaction when the furore about her article kicked off. She didn't quite say 'ooh what would I know I'm just a girl,' but it wasn't far off.