Thursday, 14 August 2008

Oh for the love of God

Seamus Milne, old school Stalinist and wannabe enfant-terrible of the Guardian's CiF pages, is at it again, getting a hard-on at the sight and thought of Russian tanks rolling into a neighbouring country, and blaming....well, America, of course. The CIA and Israel also get name-checked, natch. I have a vision of Milne being the sole survivor of the Jihadi nuclear apocalypse, sitting at the last word processor in the world, spending his last hours before he too succumbs banging out a piece on how it is all Bush's fault. Oh, and of course he's an ex-proper-public school (Winchester) boy.

On the same page is the quite wonderful Julie Burchill - more genuinely controversial, and a hundred times more interesting. In her latest, she talks about her life as a Christian (who knew?), claiming Christianity as rebellious in this secular, multi-cultural society. But being Julie, she doesn't just focus on soppy old Christ: "I believe, literally, in the God of the Old Testament, whom I understand as the Lord of the Jews and the Protestants." She's endlessly surprising, and effortlessly entertaining. What a shame she seems to have settled into semi-retirement.


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the cheap Stalinist jibe, Jonny. Is this not as bad as the university SWPers referring to anyone right of Blair as facists?

Jonny Mac said...

I don't think so Anon. I think Milne is much closer to the state socialism and totalitarianism of Stalin than say Thatcher is to fascism.