Saturday, 16 August 2008

I suppose it has to happen every so often

Gulp. I agree with a "The Sun Says". Brown's silence on Georgia has been frankly weird, and Cameron's trip, which could have come across as opportunistic, instead simply fills the news gap. The amusingly error-prone new No. 10 website has a couple of slightly desperate stories along the lines of "Russia and Georgia really should try to get along and stop this nonsense says Brown", but they hardly constitute a forceful denunciation; more hopeful confirmation that he has picked up from the telly that, you know, something a bit tricky's been happening.  

(I was going to go on to say something about the sweet stories of Georgians and Russians hugging at the Olympics before playing beach volleyball against each other. But their impact is sadly diluted by the slightly odd fact that the Georgian team was in fact from, erm, Brazil.)

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