Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Blogging, politics and humour

Iain Dale spots that rarity, an amusing leftwing blog post. Why is British political blogging dominated by non-Party, amusing, right-leaning blogs? None of those adjectives seem inevitable to me. When considering politics and humour, it's always the left you think of. Take the News Quiz on Radio 4: regulars Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel are present or former SWP-ers, and chairman Sandi Toksvig is a Lib Dem. When did you last come across a rightwing political humourist on the box or the radio? Is it a "damn pinko BBC" thing? I don't know. But then consider the blogosphere, headed by the libertarian king Guido, and his waspish Tory queen, Iain Dale. They and obvious other big hitters are to the right, and they're the best bloggers around.

What is it about blogging that the right is so much better than the left? Does the pure market of the blogosphere show that right leaning political commentary is more popular than leftwing stuff? Or just that more Tories than labour types read blogs? I think part of it is that popular blogs are libertarian-leaning which (a) sits naturally in the internet and (b) means that they can be, and are, amusingly irreverent about practically everything.

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