Thursday, 28 August 2008

More fall-out from the Jenna Delich business

It's good to see Andy Newman at Socialist Unity (surely one of the most ironically named websites of all time - the comment threads normally end up a vastly entertaining bearpit of SWP v the rest of the far Left) sticking up for Harry's Place in the whole 'UCU-Israel boycott-daft 'academic' links to former KKK Grand Wizard  website' saga (see below). Good on him. But the comment thread is revealing. "johng", for example, is reasonably typical in being far more concerned that the confidentiality of an email list has been breached, than one of his fellow union members is so mired in anti-Semitism - barely disguised as 'anti-Zionism' - that she doesn't notice that the site she's linking to is neo-Nazi. "The labour movement has a word for people who spy on their fellow workers", he says, of the person who leaked Jenna Delich's email. As so often when talking about the far Left and anti-Semitism, one is reminded of the last lines of Animal Farm.

An important ps - I'm not a fan of HP publishing Delich's photo. 

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