Monday, 18 August 2008

Little Green Evolution Wars

Anyone with more than a passing interest in the political blogosphere will have come across Little Green Footballs, Charles Johnson's fiercely pro-Israel, anti-Islamist (some would say anti-Muslim, I think unfairly) blog that he has maintained since pre 9/11. Some of the sycophantic commenters on the threads are deeply unpleasant characters, and it's a scary swamp of group-think sometimes, but our Chuck has broken some interesting stories and it's always worth a look, if only for a glance into the often dark heart of the American right (a heart that still appears utterly traumatised by the events of 11 September 2001). 

So what are we to make of LGF's recent broadside against creationism? It's a meme which is at odds with a not insignificant section of his readership - the mid-West, scared of A-rabs, "Left Behind" crowd - and Johnson seems on occasion to have taken delight in the upset he's caused. In many ways it's a brave step for Johnson and interesting, and I've also been amused that he has managed to link creationism with political Islam just to stir things up even more. (See here for an example.) Is this more evidence of the Rove Republican-evangelical alliance that was such an effective vote winner for so long breaking-up? Or is it just Chuckles starting to move out of the far-right ghetto? 

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