Saturday, 25 April 2009

What's worse than waking up after a night on the Cheeky Vimtos?

Waking up after a night on the CVs to discover that Margot the cat has caught a cute, baby rabbit and has dragged it through the catflap into your kitchen.

And the cute baby rabbit is alive.

But injured. And being played with and chased by two, now vicious-looking cats.

And you have to shoo the cats away so that you can get hold of the cute, baby rabbit to smash its head in with a concrete slab, to put it out of its misery.

That's worse. It's quite a grim way to start your day, actually.


Daf said...

Yeah, but you'll be dining in style tonight off the spoils, right?

Macheath said...

JM,I have a French cookery book with just the recipe you need:

Baby Rabbit in Cream Sauce
Serves 2

1)Boil 100g rice per person and add 50g finely chopped prunes.

2)Braise hindquarters in butter, then make a cream sauce with the reduction. Add 1 tsp brandy.

3)Serve in VERY TINY ramekin dishes.

dNo said...

Last week Monty the collie disappeared out for a walk... 5 minutes later he came crashing through a hedge and sped past me ignoring all my shouts... about 3 feet behind a fully grown adult deer. God alone knows how he didnt catch it, but it was at least 3 times his size....