Friday, 17 April 2009

America's shame

Locking someone with a phobia of insects in a small box, and then throwing in an insect - which you say can and will bite them.

The newly released and declassified torture memos show how US government lawyers advised the Bush administration that this did not qualify as torture: just as the use of stress positions, sleep deprivation and waterboarding didn't.

Andrew Sullivan is excellent on this, as he has been throughout. The rightwing American blogosphere, by contrast, is either silent or shrill. The continuing use by some commentators of the wholly discredited and Orwellian term 'enhanced interrogation techniques' is chilling. As Sullivan says, if Iran captured some US sailors and locked them in a small box for days on end and then waterboarded them in an attempt to get intelligence from them, do you think that the American right would be denying that they had been tortured?

Sullivan's caption for the photo above is

a torture victim murdered while being beaten in a stress position by a masked US agent at Abu Ghraib.

Did you ever imagine you'd read such a sentence?

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