Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Old fart corner: Jade (again)

(Old fart corner: an occasional series of posts, all of which will feature the phrase 'now I don't mean to be an old fart, but').

I keep reading that fans of Dear Lovely Jade have gone to her grave to, I don't know, shout racist abuse at passing Indian actresses in her memory or something.


Now I don't mean to be an old fart, but I honestly do not understand what that means in the context of Jade Goodey. Fans of what? What did she actually do to merit or attract fandom? She had (arguable business acumen aside - she made an awful lot of money) quite literally no talents at all that I have heard of. I mean, she didn't even have 'Jordan'-stylee big bazookas.

Seriously, what does being a fan of Jade mean?

Update: I'm going to have to investigate whether JMP's old fart corner can be virtually twinned with the quite excellent Oregon Gold Hunters' Old Fart Corner.


polly peachum said...

I suspect Jade's appeal is that her raucous, ill-educated hedonism combined with personal tragedy completely embodied the Zeitgeist.

The media hagiography of the past few weeks has produced the same religious fervour - flower-strewn funeral procession, all misdeeeds forgotten - that we saw on the demise of Diana, and in a secular society, what can you call a worshipper of these ersatz saints other than a 'fan'.

dNo said...

I thought we had an agreement - i do the Jade bashing and you do intelligent political insight???
Long live the peeplels' PRinsecs