Monday, 20 April 2009

Frinton Gates Shock

The bastards. The complete and utter evil scum-sucking bastards. In what is already being called 'Gatesgate' - possibly - the philistines at Network Rail reneged on an agreement to remove Frinton's famous gates at 10.30 am today, sneaking in to do it at 2am this morning.

I am told by Frinton sources that Network Rail refuse to say where the removed gates are being stored, saying only that they are, like some Al Qaeda operative, at an 'undisclosed location'.

Wikipedia reports that the gates will eventually be put on display 'at the entrance to the village'. My sources in Frinton aren't holding their breath.

From today's Telegraph editorial: 

The rage of Frintonians is one that should be felt all over Britain, for it is the rage at not being left alone by massive corporations and the state to live life harmlessly and without interference. Today, Frinton. Tomorrow, who knows?

Quite so. Should you want to tell Network Rail what you think about their vandalism and doubledealing, their contact details are here.


dNo said...

If only that nice Brian from that documentary (more Gits) was available for a comment.
The nation needs his wisdom, and needs it now...

Captain Haddock said...

The Real FRA are planning a major coffee morning offensive with the possibility of bric-a-brac attacks in population centres in and around 2nd Avenue.
Network Rail don't know what they've started...the BASTARDS!

Ace Starburst said...

As they proudly shouted in that documentary;

"What do we want ?"
"Now !"
"When do we want them ?"
"Gates !"